Swallowed Up

For 7 years and 10 months I have been a stay at home mom. It is something I’ve always wanted to do and am thankful, in an economy where it is financially difficult for many women to be home with their kids, to have the opportunity. I love being the one to meet my children’s day to day needs; to wipe away the tears, put bandaids on boo boos, drive them to (pre)school and get them off the bus, check out the zoo, go the the museum, run around the yard, spend afternoons baking, and simply be their most influential role model.

I love being a stay at home wife; cleaning and taking care of our home, cooking the meals, washing and folding laundry, grocery shopping, helping maintain the lawn and gardens, shoveling (although I’m completely over that right now) snow, and running errands.

However, there are times I feel swallowed up. Moments where the days just blend together and I wonder what, if I had time, my hobbies would be. I gave up a career teaching, a career I thoroughly enjoyed and spent my years at college preparing for, not only to be home with my children, but also to give my husband the opportunity to fulfill his own career dreams.

For Dave to be successful we knew there would be late nights at the office, business dinners, necessary travel, on call responsibilities and last minute engagements. In order to help him succeed, I had to commit to taking care of things in our home. Taking care of; bath time, getting kids ready for the day, living on a budget, running to doctor appointments, seeing everyone gets to (pre)school and volunteering in classrooms. I am the one who gets up in the wee morning hours to chase away bad dreams, console at times of sickness or rub legs when growing pains are too intense to sleep.


I love, love, LOVE being home and this is a decision I would not change, but I miss adult conversation and the ability to do something (even something as simple as taking a shower) by myself occasionally. So, on days like today, when I feel swallowed up by motherhood, I’m amazed when I open up the kids’ backpacks to see “Mom, I love you!” letters and am greeted with the best smiles and biggest hugs.

If you are in similar shoes, know that you are not alone. You are important. You are valued. You are loved. You are appreciated. And, at the end of each (exhausting) day, you can say, without any doubt, that you have the best “job” in the world!

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