What’s in a name?

my kidsI don’t know about you, but when it came time to pick names for our children, I had a terrible time finding ones I liked. My husband was just as bad (if not worse) than I was!  It was important, essential even, that our littles had names with valuable meaning. After all, your name belongs to you forever. It defines you. It’s your personal imprint on this world.

There were only two girl names and one boy name that Dave and I could agree on – this was years before we even began the process of seriously trying to grow our family – and these are the names our three children have today.

BellaIsabella Faith: Before The Twilight Saga stormed the earth, Isabella was a name we both loved. From the moment we knew we were pregnant Dave started referring to our growing baby as “Bella” – completely ignoring the fact that we decided to not know the gender. Good thing for him… we had a girl!

Isabella means “consecrated to God” while Faith is defined as “believing and trusting in God.” When you combine the two together it paints the portrait of our sweet firstborn being set apart to trust in God.

AbbiAbigail Grace: An old name from the Old Testament abbreviated as “Abbi” for a more modern flare. We may not have been completely ready for her, she was definitely our surprise child, but God knew our childbearing days were quickly coming to an end and sent her to us before it was too late.

Abigail means “father’s joy” and Grace stands for “God’s unmerited favor.”  When linked they signify God pouring out His kindness on and finding joy in our spunky middle child.

AidanAidan Gordon Omari: Our phoenix. Proof that something good was born from the ashes of Dave’s cancer diagnosis.

Aidan is the male variation of Eden – meaning “paradise” – while Gordon (a family name) is defined as a “strong fortress.” Since he is adopted, we felt it important that he also had the name Omari – a variation of O’hmari (which his biological mom had used for his middle name) meaning “God the highest.”  When united they remind us that our beautiful boy is a defender of God who has the hope of heaven.

For each of my kids, their name’s meaning has also become my daily prayer:

  • I desire for Bella to trust in God at all times – for Him to use her for His glory!
  • With all that Abbi’s little body has experienced, and continues to go through, I want her to feel God’s kindness and experience His joy.
  • Aidan is growing up in a home that he wasn’t born into but that he is forever a part of – a home that teaches Jesus and a desire for him to experience that saving relationship personally.

What’s in a name? My aspirations and dreams for their futures. Becky had talked about her girls’ names, which were also carefully chosen, back in June on her post Infertility: My Final Chapter. If you haven’t read it yet be sure to check it out.

How about you?  How did the name selection process go in your home?  Did you find it easy or hard to name your children? Do their names have significant meaning, was it a handed-down-family name, or did you pick it because you saw it in some random place and immediately fell in love?

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