Advent with a Twist

Thanksgiving is a freeing holiday. We love having everyone together. No gifts. No expectations.  Just family and food. So.Much.Food. But now Thanksgiving has come to an end and it’s officially Christmas in our homes. Everything is decorated. Excitement is building. Gifts are wrapped. And holiday traditions, like Advent, are starting.

If you grew up in church, or have ever attended church during the Christmas season, then you are likely familiar with Advent. It is intended to be a time for us to reflect on God’s sacrifice. That moment He sent Jesus to earth as an infant to live a sinless life and die a cruel death.

Historically there are 5 parts to Advent – each one signifies an important aspect of the Christmas story. While we love the traditional concept of Advent, Becky and I want to shake things up and highlight the various people who make this story so interesting.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas Day we are still going to focus on the popular Advent virtues, but we will be doing it in a unique way.

We hope you’ll join us this holiday season for our Advent with a Twist.


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