The Perfect Gift

It’s Christmas Eve and here, in Western New York, we’ve been experiencing the joys of winter since early November. I don’t always love how long and cold our winter months are, but there is no denying the breathtaking beauty of a fresh snowfall. The way it clings to the trees and sparkles in the sun. Its spotlessness is bright and mesmerizing.

I can’t help but wonder if Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and all who were part of that first Christmas had this same feeling when they first saw Jesus? Did his purity reflect off the faces of those who first welcomed him on earth?

With snow, you fear making any kind of movement because, the second you touch it, the elegance is diminished. The stains and imprints left behind are obvious and unattractive. That is us. That is sin. But that was not Jesus! Jesus came to earth pure and without sin and He left this earth pure and without sin.

We, on the other hand, come before the throne of God broken and defective. Yet there, in our ugliness, Jesus lovingly transforms us into something beautiful. His purity, His perfectness, covers our own shortcomings.

“Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow…” – Isaiah 1:!8

We cannot redeem ourselves or those we love. God knew we needed a rescuer and Jesus willingly offered Himself. His earthly life was not easy. He was rejected, He was mocked, He was beaten, and He was killed. Christmas isn’t just about Jesus’ birth in a manger. It’s about His life and how, through His death, heaven was made possible for each of us.

As you celebrate this special holiday with family and friends our prayer here at Bare Feet & Curls is that you:

  • Accept God’s pure and perfect gift… Jesus.
  • Strive for faith like the Magi.
  • Boldy and bravely express your hope in Christ as Simeon and Anna did.
  • Experience joy, just as the shepherds did, because you are valued by God.
  • Permeate your soul with Mary’s peace because you know exactly who Jesus is.
  • Choose to love obediently like Joseph, even when it’s hard.

Thanks for joining us on our Advent with a Twist journey. Merry Christmas!

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