A new year’s prayer

I love when something beautiful catches me by surprise. It’s like the sun breaks through to brighten up the mundane, bringing special meaning to an ordinary day. As a person of routine, I especially appreciate this. You could say I have dogged determination to accomplish whatever I decide needs to be accomplished in a day. Sometimes this gives me tunnel vision, blinding me to the beautiful things and opportunities around me. So when I actually notice that beam of sunlight, I like to stop for a minute and soak it in.

I was struck by such a surprise when reading my Bible the other day. I wasn’t particularly focused on this day, my mind was wandering and I was surrounded by the sound of my kids being kids. In no way was I trying to get meaning from what I read. And then I started in on a chapter that captivated me. I think it is because I was surrounded by my kids that I was so completely captured by what I read. It’s as if my heart said:

This is what I want. This is what I need to do. This is for them.

The scene is set in 1 Chronicles 29 with King David addressing the people of Israel. He had gathered materials for his son, Solomon, to use in building the temple, donating much of his own treasure to the effort. Then he pleaded with the people to do the same and offers the most beautiful prayer. The prayer drips with David’s love for God and his son, Solomon. It speaks of God’s sovereignty and David’s desire for His people to cling to this truth.

Yes, this is what I want. This is what I must do. In this way I will pray.

Just like this story starts with David, I know the next one starts with me. It starts with me acknowledging God for who He is; with me respecting His holiness and goodness. When I embrace the truth of His Word and lead by example, then I too can trust in God fulfilling my deepest desires. The desire to be complete and to live loved. To see my children walk with God.

It is with this in mind that I pray this prayer, modeled after the beautiful prayer that King David offered with a sincere heart all those years ago. It is a prayer of adoration to a great, great God.

help me to leave

Dear God, my God, you are so good! Many claim to be great, but only You are. You are powerful and majestic. You are beautiful. Everything that I see, and even that I cannot, is Yours. I know You created it all. All the galaxies. All the living things. You made them all and they are wonderful. I cannot grasp how big You are, or how small I am, but I know it is true. I adore You. May I always adore You above all.

Everyone in power is there because You have ordained it to be so. The privileged are only privileged because of You. The wealthy only have riches because of You. Nothing on this earth is truly ours, because You made it all. Everything we have comes from You. When we give, it is only because You have already given to us. God, make me a faithful giver. Help me to understand just how much I have and that it is only by Your grace that I have anything at all.

Sometimes I think I am the center of the world, me and the ones that I hold the closest to my heart. Yet in the grand scheme of things, I know that I am nothing. The impact my life will make is small when compared to eternity. Still, I want it to count. I want my life, however short, to have meaning. Open my heart so I can be a blessing to others. Help me to leave a legacy of faith for my children.

I know that you do not see as we see. We are distracted by appearances and material things. You are not. I am guilty of allowing my heart to be filled with earthly desires, but even in those times, Your truth shines and I am reminded of what matters most. Make my heart pure. Give me a desire to love people and not things. Help me make choices that honor You and not me. Truly, this is what I want the most. More than anything, God, I want You.

The best part about this prayer that I shared with you is that there’s more. It doesn’t end here. David had a beautiful heart. He deeply desired for his people, his family, his son, to love and honor God. It is with this desire that I identify. It is this that I desire for my family and yours.

Join me in following David’s example by setting an example. Read 1 Chronicles 29, pray this prayer with me and expect God to do wonderful things this year.

Happy New Year!

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