A Prayer of Obedience

I absolutely hate confrontation. I don’t enjoy arguments. It weighs heavily on my mind when I feel as though I’ve offended someone. Sometimes, the yearning I have for people to like and accept me outweighs my commitment to love and honor God.

I’m learning that the only effective way to fight this inward battle is through prayer. As we begin 2019 I want to have a renewed focus on how to best serve the people around me: to give generously, to love fiercely, and to live deeply. But I want to do it without sacrificing the most important relationship of all, the one I have with Christ.

Last week, Becky brought 1 Chronicles 29 to our attention. This chapter reflects the end of King David’s reign. As he is preparing to hand the kingdom over to Solomon he writes the most beautiful prayer. In A Prayer for the New Year, Becky focused on the 1st half of David’s plea found in verses 10-15. In this section, the noble King David is giving glory to God, praising Him for His goodness, expressing that all we have is a gift. A gift that we should continue giving.

Verses 16-19 shift from material belongings to matters of the heart. You see, the key to any loving relationship or lasting happiness is a loyal and honest heart that’s fixed on God. King David knew this and he deeply longed for his people to willingly surrender, not only their physical possessions, but every part of themselves before God’s throne of grace.

As I have read and thought about these verses in 1 Chronicles 29, they have breathed life into my soul. It is transforming my own desires – allowing me to care less about how others view me and more about what God sees in me. As I pray this over you today, it is my hope that you feel God’s presence in a renewed way.

God, our God. You are the God of creation. You are so much bigger than we are. Our imprint on this world is small in comparison to Your grandness, yet You still value and cherish each of us. You never promised that life would be easy. Sin is a reality, and so are the consequences of sinful choices. But even in the midst of the fire, You are there. As we face trials and temptations give us the courage to do what is right.

Everything we have comes from You. It was Yours in the beginning and it will be Yours in the end. Thank You for being faithful and generous. We know, God, that you don’t just desire our money or belongings, but You want us to also give of our time, our gifts, and our talents. Freely. Selflessly. Joyfully. Help us maintain a spirit of kindness and goodness with lives set firmly in You.

Lord, I pray that our hearts will be obedient. Obedient to Your love and truth. Guide us. Direct us. Counsel us. Protect us. Carry us. Give us clarity and good judgement. Renew our strength and hold us close.

In the name of Jesus we pray, 


For many, praying is hard. We have come to think of prayer as this daunting task when, in reality, it’s just a simple conversation with someone who deeply loves you. Remember that God doesn’t care about fancy language. He just wants you, all of you, exactly as you are. Come before Him boldly and freely! He’s waiting for you.

3 thoughts on “A Prayer of Obedience

  1. Our gracious God always knows what I need and brings provision to me. Your message today, dear Cassie reached my heart ; and I am so grateful to God for using you as His instrument for sharing this. Love you💕

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