The Internet. Good vs. Bad?

One of my good friends had a major surprise when a brand-new-still-in-the-box $600.00 stroller from Amazon, that she did not buy, showed up at her doorstep. Instantly she was concerned that her account had been compromised and began to do some research.  In the process of trying to figure out what had happened she realized that the Amazon app has a “click to buy” option. With the press of one little button, from the hands of one of her super cute little people, my friend found herself the new owner of a state of the art stroller.  Amazon has a great return policy and things have been resolved, but this is a great example that technology is both a dangerous and wonderful tool.

Dangerous How?

It’s safe to assume that the internet is in every workplace, in every home and on (most) people 24/7 in the form of cell phones.  When we have a question, we consult the internet. When we want to see what’s happening in the world, we check the internet. We watch movies and videos on the internet.  We read articles on the internet. We look to the internet to validate us on things we feel passionately about.

We are a society consumed with modern technology.  This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing but cyberspace is an open window to things that are inappropriate and sinful.  Unless you are careful to use parental controls, to filter out tasteless ads, and to avoid certain websites – you may be subject to viewing unsuitable things.  Things that not only draw you away from your relationship with God, but things that can destroy your relationships with the people you love.

Blessing Why?

It may sound like I am anti-WWW when, in fact, I actually love the internet. My husband works in the world of technology and our family is guilty of using it for practically everything.  I use it for meal planning and grocery lists, for home automation, for helping the kids with homework, for streaming movies, and for keeping in constant communication with the world but, most importantly, I use it for bettering my relationship with God.

I listen to Christian music from Amazon and Pandora.  I catch all my favorite podcasts on the iPhone app.  Devotions and Bible reading are done on YouVersion. Each Sunday, I take notes in the Northridge app.  PrayerMate has transformed my prayer life.

So yes, the internet is filled with all kinds of things. It is a powerful tool, a double-edged sword, and can impact your life for both good and bad. Like anything, the internet itself is not evil. What the internet is used for depends entirely on the heart of the person navigating it. Guarding your heart is essential.

I have a few favorite podcasts, musicians, and websites that I find particularly encouraging. They are resources that help keep me grounded.  When you have a moment, take a listen and fill up your spiritual storehouse. (Note: Just because I love these ministries does not necessarily mean that I 100% support their theology.)

Podcasts: Risen Motherhood, Trim Healthy Mama, Honestly Adoption, God Centered Mom and The Bible Binge.

Pandora Music: Christian Workout Radio and Christian Contemporary Radio.

Amazon Music: Rend Collective, I Am They, Need to Breathe, For King & Country, Elevation Worship, Vertical Church Band and Hillsong.

Websites: Northridge Equip, Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition.

Choosing responsibly when out in the big wide world of cyberspace can fill your heart with all the right stuff. So take a deep breath and enjoy the blessings technology can bring!

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