Looking at sin and preparing for Easter

I hope you enjoyed the articles we shared with you this month! We dove into friendship, expectations, and how to handle some modern challenges such as the internet. In case you missed them, you can find them all here. Please check them out for a little extra encouragement today.

Completed Series

New Year



Up-coming Series

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On Monday, we kick of a series we’re calling The Hidden Sins of Christians. In this series, we’re tackling topics like anxiety, pride, gossip, and envy. Look for the first post on Monday (March 4).

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Simultaneously, we’re completing the 40 Days of Lent reading plan offered by YouVersion. Please join us! You can follow along in the YouVersion app or at Bible.com. Or you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to have the daily readings show up on your social media feeds.

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In April, we’ll launch into another new series titled The Heart of Lent where we explore the meaning behind Lent and what this “40 days” business is all about. Whether the idea of Lent is new to you or you’ve been observing it for years, you won’t want to miss this!

Will you join us?

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