FREE download of Emmaus, an Easter story

During the month of March we focused on some of the hidden sins that plague the lives of Christian women and we’ve been open about our own struggles. We hope that sharing our stories has encouraged you and equipped you to fight temptation with God’s truth. If you missed any article in this series, there’s still time to check them out.

The Hidden Sins of Christians

Approaching Easter and a FREE download

As we kick-off our next series, The Heart of Lent, we’re going to take a look at the passover, repentance, and the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. In preparing for this we’ve opened our hearts and made it personal. Our hope is that this Easter touches your heart in a personal way as well.

And what is more personal than a first-hand experience? It’s one thing to read someone else’s account of things and another to experience it for yourself. There are many stories in the Bible that portray the way other people encountered Jesus. While we can learn from them and even identify with some of them, we can’t see what they saw or touch what they touched.

But we can open up our minds and let our imaginations take us there. It is with this desire – a desire to experience what the people who actually walked with Jesus experienced – that Becky wrote the short story of Emmaus. We want to give that story to you.

Download your FREE copy of Emmaus.

We hope this story brings to life and helps you experience the resurrection of Jesus. See you back here on Monday for the start of our new series: The Heart of Lent.


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