NEW Series: Fasting or Feasting?

Hi Friends!

It is with great excitement that we are getting ready to share with you our next new series. We’re calling it “Feast on this!” and it’s a study on spiritual disciplines.

Though I didn’t grow up observing Lent as some do, I have always associated it with fasting. As a kid and young adult, I associated fasting with food. You give up a certain food for a said amount of time. Now, I think of fasting in a much broader sense. You can do a social media fast or a television fast or a break from something you do routinely.

I like this kind of fasting because I feel like it better satisfies the purpose, which is to give up something in order to allow your need to draw you closer to God. Or maybe even just to free up your time and mental space to help you better draw close to God.

But instead of fasting, we’ve got a different challenge for you. Try thinking about Lent as a season of immersing yourself in something, not giving something up. What should you fill your time with, you may ask? We suggest you focus on some of the spiritual disciplines, namely: prayer, Bible study, fellowship, worship, rest, and God’s glory.

It’s going to be fun to explore this challenge with you and share some of the ways we approach these disciplines ourselves. However, it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t share your own tips and strategies with us. Will you challenge us in return?

What do you say? Let’s do this! The first post is coming to your feed on Monday.

-Cassie, Becky, & Sara

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