Feast on This: Worship

It’s an age old debate. What do we call the music team? Should it be the praise band, the worship team, the music band, or something altogether different? From the time I was 14 I’ve been on the church stage serving, in one form or another, as a “worship team” member. It is a deep rooted passion of mine and is something my soul craves. Music prepares our hearts to hear the words of Jesus. It creates an atmosphere of reverence and joy. Worship often implies music but more often than not, worship and music are mistakenly used as interchangeable terms. 

However, worship is much, much more than singing and instruments and music. It is something we, as Christ followers, should actively be participating in with our every breath. It is an inward expression of honoring God in the way we act and in the things we do. Real worship happens in our hearts and in our minds. It’s an attitude that affects each aspect of life.

I’ve been working through several of Pastor Rick Warren’s Bible studies on the Bible App. Recently I completed Leaving a Lasting Legacy. In this study Pastor Rick brings to light that the way we spend our talents, our time, and our money speaks to what’s really important to us. 

Take a look at your calendar. How do you spend your days? Who do you spend your time with? What are you doing with your 24 hours? Similarly, take a look at your bank statement. Where does your money go? 

One thing is becoming increasingly clear to me the older I get… The things we have here on earth will stay here on earth. The only thing we get to take into eternity with us is our souls. Now, that doesn’t mean we should be foolish. Of course saving for further education and retirement and living costs are important but that shouldn’t stop us from also being generous. When Jesus calls us to Heaven… we will leave our homes and bank accounts and possessions behind. If we are to be a reflection of Christ then our legacy needs to be one of selfless sacrifice. 

Worship should happen more in the quietness of our daily lives than it does once a week singing among the crowds in our church sanctuaries. Because, when we embrace how great God is, the only response we can possibly have is to worship Him in all things. Our goal should be to act in worship every day, using every gift we have in our possession, with the sole purpose of growing the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you take a good look at how you are spending your life, you begin to see where your heart is gravitating. God desires it all… your time, your money, your talents, your heart. Handing over everything to Him is the ultimate act of worship. 

Matthew 6:21 says that “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So, dear friend, where is your treasure? If you find that, then you will also understand who (or what) you are worshiping.

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