Feast on This: Rest

Boat, Distress, Sea, Wave, Forward, Rough Sea

The world is a lot different than it was when I started writing this post. I was going to write about finding rest in the middle of homeschooling, in the middle of raising a medically complex child, in the middle of juggling life with a husband who travels frequently.

My life felt busy, sometimes stressful, and at times, overwhelming. And it was hard to find rest.

But it’s all relative, isn’t it?

Today, I’m home with my family, where we have been for the past 30 days. I’m not trying to find rest during our next trip to the children’s hospital – because it’s been rescheduled. I’m not trying to find rest while my husband is away, because he’s working from home. I’m not trying to find rest in the busyness of homeschooling, because it feels as though everything is at a standstill.

My to-do list has gotten very short. My calendar, empty. And yet, I still struggle to find rest. Maybe now, more than ever.

Can you relate?

We’re bombarded with sensational news stories, 24 hours a day. There are so many fears and so many questions. How can I keep my family safe? What if one of us gets sick? What will this mean for the economy? What if we lose our jobs? On and on it goes. It’s overwhelming.

But, Jesus.

Jesus tells us to rest. And I find myself thinking, Really? Now? With all of this? I should just rest? How in the world is that possible?!

In my own power, it’s not. But nothing is impossible with Him.

In Matthew 11:28, he says: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

In Mark 6:31, he tells his disciples: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Turns out, rest has never been about the pace of our lives or the stress of our circumstances. It has always been about Jesus.

Can we lean on him today? Can we see him in our boat, on these stormy seas? Can we rush to him with our fears, and hear him command the waves, “Peace! Be Still!”

Can we let that same peace calm our anxious hearts?

He is on the throne.

He is ALWAYS good.

And he’s calling us, even now, ESPECIALLY now, to rest … in Him.

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