How to vacation at all your favorite places

Mark and I grew up vacationing in very different ways. I have great memories of yearly trips to the Adirondacks where we would meet up with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for a week or more of fun. There were campfires, boat rides, hiking, games, and “camp food” to look forward to. Mark and his parents traveled across America and cruised to many fabulous locations. Together they saw some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

In our ten years of marriage, Mark and I have camped once and cruised once. Our kids’ normal is not the same as the normal either of us experienced growing up, but I love the way we do us. So what is “us”? Renting a vacation home from the owner. AIR BNB or VRBO for the win!

Here are my top five reasons.

Reason 1 – Location

I have yet to discover any location where there are not vacation rentals available, which means we are not confined in our vacation choices by the lack of a house to rent. Though we don’t travel very far right now, I have dreams of visiting some of the great places in America and spending weeks in Europe. With my family. As long as there’s a house to rent, we can go anywhere we want to.

Reason 2 – Accommodations

Whether you’re vacationing with a group of 15 or just as a couple, you can find a vacation rental with just the right amount of room. So to back up to reason #1, I can go to Montreal for a week with my husband or to Virginia beach for a week with all of the extended family and still find accommodations that meet the group’s needs. You can drop a bunch of money on a fancy high-tech house or be frugal and entertain yourselves with board games. Whichever way you go, there are several options.

Reason 3 – Food

Those who know me well know that I will not enjoy any vacation if I have to search for healthy food. Though junk food may be comforting for a day or two, or even enjoyable when sprinkled here and there over the course of a week, it is not something I am happy to give my family for every meal. To put it simply, I like to remain in control of the food we eat, so even when we’re on vacation, I’m usually content to plan and prepare the meals. A meal doesn’t have to be fancy or time consuming to be good.

Reason 4 – Comfort and Flexibility

I still consider my family to be one that consists of small children. Eve and Vera are five and Lia is three, so there are many places that I don’t desire to go right now. Prolonged stays at hotels are one of them. I relax the best when I can have some separation from the mom duties I normally experience, even if it’s just in the evening. When we have a separate room for the kids to sleep in and a house to crash in if everyone is tired or the weather doesn’t cooperate, we enjoy ourselves more.

Reason 5 – Price

Depending on where you go and when you go, you can stay in a vacation rental for a week at about the same cost of staying in a hotel for one to two nights. You can’t beat it! When you consider the money saved by not eating out every meal, you really can’t beat it.

Where do you like to vacation?

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