NEW SERIES – A Summer of Psalms: Thrive with us!

Hello friends!

Sometimes you experience God’s moving in a very clear way. Such as when there has been something simmering in your heart to share and then you talk with a friend and the same thing has been stirring in theirs. That just happened to us! And as a result, we are excited to share with you the new direction that we are being led in. We’re calling it Thrive in 5.

What is Thrive in 5?

With all the craziness around us, we feel evermore drawn to be close to God. Scripture verses have been standing out and grabbing our hearts in new ways. We’ve quietly sat and meditated on them. We’ve highlighted our Bibles and made notes as certain themes become apparent. We have studied, we have been challenged, we have grown. And we want to share the blessing.

With Thrive in 5, we are inviting you to study the Bible with us in just five minutes a day, five days a week. We will send out a verse with a short devotional in the beginning of the week with prompts for each day of the week to help you focus, meditate, and dive deep into the Word of God.

When do we start?

Next week (July 6)! We are kicking off our first Thrive in 5 study by digging into some of our favorite verses from the book of Psalms. Grab a journal and pen and join us for Thrive in 5: A Summer of Psalms.

Loving fiercely and living deeply,

Cassie, Becky, and Sara

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