Thrive in Five: Psalm 4:3-5

As parents, my husband and I often remind our kids that we require “first time obedience” from them. But humanity is sinful and obedience does not come naturally to any of us. The good news is that, despite our pride and shortcomings, God chooses us and loves us and hears us. 

This week we will take a look at Psalm 4:3-5. In these verses the psalmist tells us that we are set apart. That God has chosen us. We are an instrument of His. And we can stand confident in the knowledge that the same God who sets us apart also hears us – our thoughts, our words.

When we think, truly think, about the goodness of our all powerful, all knowing, all loving God… how can we do anything but stand in awe of who He is and what He has done and how He continues to work in our hearts and lives? Instead of letting sin be our ruin, let us silently search our hearts. Remove the distractions and take a deep look at our outward actions and inward passions.

As we spend this next week diving into this passage of Scripture – consider how the Lord wants you. All of you. Offer Him your everything and watch as He helps and blesses you in the process. Thank you for joining us in week 1 of our Thrive in Five: Summer of Psalms series.

Thrive in Five – Where we take a set of Bible verses and focus on them 5 minutes each day for 5 consecutive days. Open your Bible and grab a journal (or download this worksheet) as we prepare our hearts to receive God’s Word.

Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him. Tremble and do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent. Offer the sacrifices of the righteous and trust in the Lord. Psalm 4:3-5 NIV

Monday: Read Psalm 4:3-5. Write this passage in a journal and read the words out loud – slowly and intentionally while thinking about what each one means.  

Tuesday: Read Psalm 4:3-5 and answer these questions: What does this passage say about God? Is there an action to follow? 

Wednesday: Read Psalm 4:3-5 and think about this question: Is there a command to obey or an example to follow in this passage?

Thursday: Read Psalm 4:3-5 and begin to think about how you can apply this verse to your own life by answering this question: Does this passage give a promise to believe or a principle to practice?

Friday: Read Psalm 4:3-5 and respond to this question: Does this passage warn of sin(s) to avoid or give a warning to heed?

We look forward to hearing how God uses Psalm 4:3-5 to transform your heart and renew your mind as you lean into His perfect and pleasing will for your life. (Romans 12:2)

Love fiercely and live deeply, Bare Feet & Curls

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