The Best of 2020: Raising Warriors with Ashley Karschner

It’s 2021, but before we share with you all the exciting things we have planned for this new year, we want to use the month of January as a time of reflection and highlight our top 2020 posts.

It is a great honor to once again welcome my beautiful friend and fellow adoptive mama, Ashley Karschner creator of The Birchwood Blog, as she shares what life has been like for her and her family since adopting their son, Malachi, through China.

“We aren’t called to live simply. Life is messy. People are messy. God entered a messy world to be involved in our very complicated sinful lives, and to save us.  All the pretty Instagram feeds you see, they’re not real. We all have a mess.” – Ashley Karschner

Check out the complete story HERE.

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year!

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