The Best of 2020: No Mom Left Behind with Courtney Dyer

We first shared this post by Courtney Dyer in February 2020 and it’s a different world now. When I read things, I do it through a different lens. As I contemplate how to invest in the relationships I have with my children, my strategy has changed. Life has changed. It is harder. I have to do more. I am no longer “just” mom. I am also their teacher and tutor.

It can be overwhelming at times, but in those moments when things feel the toughest, I choose to remember how blessed I am. Things have changed, yes, but being forced to invest even more in my kids is not a burden. Someday they won’t be in my home any more and I won’t get this opportunity again. As Courtney asked herself while raising her kids, “ When our kids are grown and gone, what will we wish we had done?” The time to invest is now.

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