Abundantly More by Bare Feet and Curls

Abundantly More

Let me just start by saying that you guys are rock stars! As we continue to grow in our vision and ministry, you continue to encourage us. You keep us going and for that we are so thankful.

Since our conception, we’ve morphed from a mom blog to a devotional site and we absolutely love the direction we’re headed. Encouraging other women to know and love God more is what we love to do. To reflect this, we decided it was time to make a few more changes. You’ll notice it first in our name. We are moving away from “Bare Feet & Curls” and embracing “Abundantly More by Bare Feet & Curls,” or simply “Abundantly More.” It speaks for itself, don’t you think?

We’ve been reading some really amazing and encouraging books that we’re excited to share with you this late winter and spring. You’ll see undertones of these books in our themes and future posts as we dive into the text to find a deeper knowledge and love for God. Each week’s journaling prompts will help us pull out all the meaning and beauty that is waiting for us in the scriptures. Truly, we are expecting great things from this.

With the old year behind us, we are blazing a trail for the new starting this week! Look in your inbox or news feed for our new series on love as we look at the four different types of love spoken about in the Bible and learn how they apply to our lives today.

Live deeply and love fiercely, friends!

-Cassie and Becky

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