A Time To Rest

When we first launched Bare Feet and Curls in 2018, we couldn’t have imagined where we would be today. As we reflect over these past years, the growth we’ve experienced has been astronomical. We grew a tiny little “mom blog” into a devotional resource that people from different parts of the world have visited, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

As it would be, life has taken another turn, and for different reasons, each of us are being required to meet new demands. Our passion is to know God and make Him known, and the first place we need to fulfill that calling is in our homes. With additional responsibilities fighting for our attention, it is important to us that we invest in our families well. For that reason, we feel that it is time to enter into a season of rest.

All our articles will continue to be available online but no new content will be added at this time. As we wade through these new waters and spend time seeking God, we will follow whatever direction He leads us in and look forward to new opportunities to use our gifts to glorify His name. He has been and always will be faithful to us. We trust completely in His guidance.

We sincerely thank you for your support and look forward to connecting with you through Biblical truth and encouragement in the future. Until then, continue to seek God and share what you learn with your friends and family, making His name known.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to this holiday season!

Love Fiercely and Live Deeply,

Sara, Becky, and Cassie

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1
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