Abundantly More Kindness

There’s a running joke between my husband and I that we have three little sweetie pies. Vera is a pecan pie, Eve is an apple pie, and Lia is a key lime pie. Because Lia is a little bit tangy. She is mostly sweet, but every now and then she gets sour. No one brings … Continue reading Abundantly More Kindness

Abundantly More: Grace

When my husband was struggling with cancer I knew that, once we came out on the other side, I wanted to find a way to celebrate God’s grace during those dark days. That is how Ephesians 2:8 ended up tattooed on my left arm.  Every time I look down and read “Saved by Grace through … Continue reading Abundantly More: Grace

Abundantly More Mercy

I still remember the unease that passed through me as I sat in that high school English class, realizing that I left my vocabulary book in the car that morning. I was unprepared for class. It embarrassed me and I dreaded facing the teacher. This teacher was a hard one. Nothing got by her and … Continue reading Abundantly More Mercy

Abundantly More: Less Like Me

I’m a musician and have always loved a good melody. You can find me jamming out in most places, but the car is my preferred venue to enjoy a great song. When driving, I shuffle through various stations and, when a catchy song plays over the air, the windows roll down while the volume goes … Continue reading Abundantly More: Less Like Me

Inspiring Father’s: King David

I attended church at different times growing up but I didn’t truly give my life to the Lord until I was in my mid twenties. By then I had made about a million mistakes and bad decisions. While I understand the redeeming power of Christ and know without a doubt that my sins are wiped … Continue reading Inspiring Father’s: King David