Feasting On: God’s Glory

Easter is my favorite holiday and I'm annoyed that COVID-19 is ruining our typical Easter traditions. This threat of sickness that is terrorizing the world has forced everyone into a life of isolation. Grocery store shelves empty. Schools closed indefinitely. Churches streaming online. Office buildings shut down. No cure. Just fear.  It’s times like these, … Continue reading Feasting On: God’s Glory

Feast on This: Fellowship

My life is a constant sprint. I wake up to the alarm each morning, spend a few minutes in God’s Word before rolling out of bed, check my calendar to remember the day’s agenda, lace up those running shoes, and hardly stop moving until collapsing in bed at night. There are many people I interface … Continue reading Feast on This: Fellowship

Feast on This: Worship

It’s an age old debate. What do we call the music team? Should it be the praise band, the worship team, the music band, or something altogether different? From the time I was 14 I’ve been on the church stage serving, in one form or another, as a “worship team” member. It is a deep … Continue reading Feast on This: Worship

Feast on This: Bible Study

Each night after dinner, we spend an hour or so reading with our kids before they go to bed. Everyone picks a book (or two or three) and we snuggle into the couch. We read all kinds of things, from fairy tales to the Charlie Brown encyclopedia for kids. The topics our children are interested … Continue reading Feast on This: Bible Study

Feast on This: Prayer

Listening to my children pray is one of my favorite things. They pray for their scratches to heal, for their friends who are sick, for help when they’re upset or can’t find something. They tell God “thank you” for all kinds of things, from the sunshine and the night sky to our family and their … Continue reading Feast on This: Prayer