NEW Series: Fasting or Feasting?

Hi Friends! It is with great excitement that we are getting ready to share with you our next new series. We're calling it "Feast on this!" and it's a study on spiritual disciplines. Though I didn't grow up observing Lent as some do, I have always associated it with fasting. As a kid and young … Continue reading NEW Series: Fasting or Feasting?

The Heart of Lent: A time to be joyful.

I have a Friend who makes people uncomfortable. He speaks life and truth, although most people find it embarrassing. He serves tirelessly and loves endlessly yet is still laughed at. He is gentle and kind but is treated harshly. He was so disliked that, when it came time for Him to be sentenced for crimes … Continue reading The Heart of Lent: A time to be joyful.

The Heart of Lent: how much do I love him?

Knowing He is God is not enough. Knowing He created the world and that Jesus is His son is not enough. Because this alone would not make me love Him. I finally understand this to be true, and the realization is crushing.

The Heart of Lent: Why should I apologize?

My daughters and I were recently talking about our favorite holidays. Bella, my 9 year old, is passionate about Independence Day while Abbi, who is 8, gets giddy over St. Patrick‚Äôs Day. I found this both surprising and fascinating. Typically, children choose the big holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or even their birthdays - as … Continue reading The Heart of Lent: Why should I apologize?

The Heart of Lent: What does it mean?

Jesus did not come to take pleasure in the flesh, gain recognition, or be worshipped. He came to be our passover lamb. For 40 days in the wilderness, Jesus prepared himself to be that sacrifice. He was and is the perfect, spotless lamb and it is only His blood that can cover our sins and save us from death. Had the devil succeeded in tempting Jesus, then the sacrifice He came to offer never would have been made. We would still be under the law, enslaved to our sin.