Abundantly More Kindness

There’s a running joke between my husband and I that we have three little sweetie pies. Vera is a pecan pie, Eve is an apple pie, and Lia is a key lime pie. Because Lia is a little bit tangy. She is mostly sweet, but every now and then she gets sour. No one brings … Continue reading Abundantly More Kindness

Abundantly More Mercy

I still remember the unease that passed through me as I sat in that high school English class, realizing that I left my vocabulary book in the car that morning. I was unprepared for class. It embarrassed me and I dreaded facing the teacher. This teacher was a hard one. Nothing got by her and … Continue reading Abundantly More Mercy

Inspiring Fathers: Jacob

When I think of Jacob, the father of the 12 tribes of Israel, I don’t think of happy things. Instead of a positive role model or a devout believer, I think of cunning and deceit. I think of someone who can be trusted to see to his own best interests, not an inspiring father. But … Continue reading Inspiring Fathers: Jacob

Inspiring Fathers: Isaac

At least 10% of couples deal with the heartbreaking reality of infertility. We desire children, we long for children, we pray for children. We seek the help and guidance of doctors and other medical professionals when we aren’t able to easily conceive or carry children. We try hormone injections and surgeries, IUI and IVF, donor … Continue reading Inspiring Fathers: Isaac

Inspiring Fathers: Abraham

Abraham. The patriarch of the Jewish faith. Through him we get the nation of Israel. We get the people God inspired to write the Bible. We get the Messiah. Through the story of Abraham we learn that God doesn’t call the perfect or even expect perfection. We get the story of a man God chose … Continue reading Inspiring Fathers: Abraham