Inspiring Fathers: Isaac

At least 10% of couples deal with the heartbreaking reality of infertility. We desire children, we long for children, we pray for children. We seek the help and guidance of doctors and other medical professionals when we aren’t able to easily conceive or carry children. We try hormone injections and surgeries, IUI and IVF, donor … Continue reading Inspiring Fathers: Isaac

Inspiring Fathers: Abraham

Abraham. The patriarch of the Jewish faith. Through him we get the nation of Israel. We get the people God inspired to write the Bible. We get the Messiah. Through the story of Abraham we learn that God doesn’t call the perfect or even expect perfection. We get the story of a man God chose … Continue reading Inspiring Fathers: Abraham

Inspiring Mothers: Hannah

Sometimes you hear a story that penetrates all your defenses and strikes straight at your heart. The story of Hannah is such a story for me. It is not a comprehensive story but it is enough. More than enough, actually, because a lot of life is packed into a few short paragraphs of 1 Samuel. … Continue reading Inspiring Mothers: Hannah

Inspiring Mothers: Jochebed

I really enjoy watching old movies through the eyes of my kids. Easter was made extra fun this year with their debut viewing of The Prince of Egypt. They had so many questions. The visual of the blood on the doorposts, the passover lamb, lead to an impactful discussion of Jesus and how He is … Continue reading Inspiring Mothers: Jochebed

The Best of 2020: No Mom Left Behind with Courtney Dyer

We first shared this post by Courtney Dyer in February 2020 and it’s a different world now. When I read things, I do it through a different lens. As I contemplate how to invest in the relationships I have with my children, my strategy has changed. Life has changed. It is harder. I have to … Continue reading The Best of 2020: No Mom Left Behind with Courtney Dyer