The power of loyalty

A few years after Mark and I were married I asked him what it was that drew him to me. His answer was not what I expected and caught me completely off guard. It was not my charm and good looks (ha!) but my loyalty. I’m not sure who or what I was demonstrating such … Continue reading The power of loyalty

A Friend in the Battle

I am that person who struggles to fit in. This was especially true during my high school and college years. Our family moved when I was 14 and from the time we left the little town of my childhood, I never truly belonged to a certain crowd. I was involved with music and played sports … Continue reading A Friend in the Battle

The pursuing friend

Making acquaintances is easy and usually fun. I enjoy chatting with the twins’ UPK teachers every weekday. We’ve bonded over the drop-off and pick-up routine. I look forward to volunteering at church each Sunday and helping families settle their kids into age-appropriate environments. Some have become affectionately familiar to me. These encounters brighten up my … Continue reading The pursuing friend

Welcoming Sara to BFC!

Life is a journey and we are all one small puzzle piece of a much larger picture. We each have our own experiences, thoughts, struggles, and joys. My weaknesses may be your strengths - your strengths may be my weaknesses. That’s why, here at Bare Feet and Curls, we think building friendships and having community … Continue reading Welcoming Sara to BFC!

Five reasons I appreciate my pastors

I’ve learned a few things about myself this past year. First, my husband loves long hair more than I do. Long hair makes me hot during the summer and gives me a headache when I pile it on top of my head. My new “do” of choice is a long bob. Blessed relief! Second, I … Continue reading Five reasons I appreciate my pastors