God’s Promises: He Keeps Us

Some seasons of life are hard, painful, and filled with sorrow. The weariness is overwhelming, your emotions are barely in check and threaten to breach the surface at unexpected moments. Have you ever experienced that? I understand. Sometimes I feel like I’m being plunged under deep water one moment only to soak in the sun … Continue reading God’s Promises: He Keeps Us

Roots: Keep You Strong

Parenting is hard! It requires so much more than simply feeding and clothing little people. To train your children, raise them with intention, takes a lot of work. And sometimes I am just not up to the task. The controlling part of me watches them, looking for mistakes that need to be corrected. The exhausted … Continue reading Roots: Keep You Strong

Roots: Flourish

Driving to the Adirondack mountains presented me with many familiar sights. Winding roads, unique landmarks, no-name towns that stretch one after the other into the foothills that get dwarfed by the mountain range the farther you go. On this trip, I was more aware of it all. It had been years since I’d been back … Continue reading Roots: Flourish